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Here, you’ll find all current listings on Big Whisker Guns from all categories. The ads are listed in reverse chronological order with the newest posts at the top. Switch between list and thumbnail views with the icons at the top right. Each entry shows the item’s name and price along with a photo of the item and a short description. Click on the entry’s title - or hover over it in thumbnail mode and click “View Ad” - to see the listing in full with more information. You can then contact the seller if you have any inquiries or if you want to make a trade.

If an ad is fraudulent, incorrectly posted, or otherwise against site rules, you can report it on the listing’s full page as well. If you’re looking for more specific listings, use the search bar at the top to narrow your results based on keywords, categories, and/or location. This will help you find particular items that you’re looking for, as well as people and retailers to trade with that are nearby in the Phoenix area. The sidebars on the right also show premium and featured ads with the hottest products available. If you want to submit your own ad to sell or trade, hit Submit Ad in the top-right corner.